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A touching concert experience for heart and soul! On tour again in 2014

Stuttgart - Zürich - Linz - Nürnberg - München - Oberhausen - Amersfoort - Frankfurt - Berlin - Hannover - Dresden - Baden-Baden

Die Musik der Traumreise

A multifaceted all-round artwork of music, song, dance, light art and clownery, mystical and world music sounds – Dervish-dancing

An estimated 30.000 visitors have already witnessed this unique, musical all-round work of art by Lex van Someren and his 25 accompanying artists and received it with great enthusiasm. Impressive, innovative and touching; in the fall of 2009, “Lex van Someren’s Dream Journey” brought a unique and previously never presented concert show to the stage. The artist company surrounding the visionary artist Lex van Someren presents a multi-facetted mix of enchanting music, mystical song, expressive dancing and fascinating light-art. The clown, in his classical role as the “wise fool” adds lighthearted moments of contrast, which round off this harmonious all-round artwork.

Die Traumreise auf DVD

Lex van Someren & der Ayam Choir

The focus of the show lies on the singer and musician Lex van Someren, who is virtually responsible for the composition of the complete range of musical elements, in cooperation with his musical partner Frank Steiner. His music, which is frequently enriched by mystical elements, has its roots in many cultural circles. Lex van Someren’s compositions reach the hearts of the audience through their exquisite harmony and beauty. With his voice, which covers a range of as many as four octaves, Lex allows music and song to fuse into a unique musical sound experience- an experience that is not solely focused on hearing or understanding the textual part of the songs, but much more on the experience of letting oneself be immersed in the flood of impressions and to allow these impressions to touch the inner core of the listener.

Within his partnership with musical leader and co-creative partner Frank Steiner, Lex van Someren is supported by a number of renowned artists. The twirling Dervish dancer Shinouda, famous in Germany because of the talent show “The Super talent”- the percussionist and O-Daiko drummer Nils Tannert and the Mongolian vocal miracle Enkh Jargal are some of the highly talented artists in his company. With his lower- and overtone singing and the steppe music from his horse-head fiddle, the latter artist has already performed with many internationally famous musicians. Professional dancers, like Suna and Anne Brandes that lend esthetic expressions to the mystical and world music sounds, the Armenian cellist Vache Bagratuni, and the Ayam choir are some of the other traveling companions on the “Dream Journey”. Lex van Someren’s “Dream Journey” was performed in many famous concert halls in 2009 and 2010, like the Tempodrom in Berlin, the Philharmonie in Munich, the Stadthalle in Vienna, the Bruecknerhaus in Linz, the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt, the Cultural Palace in Dresden and the Festival stage in Bregenz.

Lex & Suna

The “Dream Journey” offers fresh impulses toward a new era; it sets new standards in and with music and the expressive arts

It sets a signal in a time during which the world, life itself and our consciences are rapidly changing and developing. The “Dream Journey” is an event that has never yet been presented anywhere in the world. Its special characteristics lie in the fact that through love and dedication, the artist company (consisting of 45 persons), have created a completely new and visionary stage event presented as an all-round work of art. This unique event touches all the senses and celebrates the inner connection with life and the soul dimension. It creates a world of experience for the soul and aims to inspire and aid the inner transformation of the people in the audience, at least, for all those willing to open themselves up to it.
The “Dream journey” possesses the power to enchant people, to help them connect with their most inner core, even those who are confronted with such an open form of spirituality for the very first time in their lives.

Ein Künstler, der mit seiner Stimme und seiner Musik heilsam berührt.

Lex van Someren says: „It has been my long-time dream to bring something completely new to the stage; something that entertains my audience in a sophisticated way and at the same time, touches them deeply. I am delighted that this dream has finally come true. The „Dream Journey“ is an all-round artwork, a feast for the senses, for both the heart and soul, it is the affirmation of life in all its diversity.
With the possibilities that music and the performing arts offer, we create an inspiring atmosphere on stage and we install poignant sound associations within our songs. We thrive to gently yet deeply touch the inner core of every person in the audience and in this way open the door to joy for life, vibrancy and vitality. Within its concept and many facets, the ‚Dream Journey” is an experience that has never been presented anywhere else in this form.
After four years, my contributing artists and I are excited to be able to inspire and enchant you once more with our multi-facetted performance and music for the heart and soul! Many people who have already experienced the „Dream journey“ have told me and written to me, that they had never seen something so sublime and beautiful within music or the performing arts; that their souls had never before been touched so deeply and in such a healing way. That gives us a lot of confidence for the next tour. After years of preparation and pioneering work, the moment has come to show the world what can be possible when love in its purest essence, is expressed in a visual and audible way through music and performing arts. This show is a part of the manifestation of my dream for a new world. A world, in which humans meet in love and truthfulness. During recent years, I have poured all my love and energy into this vision; to create music and performing arts at the highest professional level and simultaneously bring healing to the world and the people living on it. From my perspective, we as human beings need the creative and creational aspect of the arts. Holistic experiences of beauty and connectedness nourish us, just like pure water and fresh air.

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With our music and performing arts we would like to awaken a new joy for life for - living together, instead of against each other

- a life carried by love, instead of fear

- a life in which the most profound questions about our existence are placed above everything else.

Within our project, all my fellow artists and other colleagues live with this dream and that is what has made its manifestation possible. You, me, us; together we can awaken this dream, this deepest soul wish within us, to live. Yes, it is possible, to live in harmony with all other humans and living things – a life, in which people unveil the gifts of their souls and share them! I am deeply convinced of this. I look forward to meeting you!"

Lex van Someren

The Artists of th Dreamjourney

The Band 2014:
Frank Steiner - Keyboards, Musical Director
Nils Tannert - Percussion, Marimba, O-Daiko-Drums
Enkh Jargal from Mongolia, under- and Overtone-chanting, Mongolian horse head violin
Vache Bagratuni - Cello
Jürgen Ott - Guitar
Johannes Hustedt - Flutes

Sara Gusner & Katja Keller Chor Ayam
The Dancer 2014:
Suna Storm
Anne Brandes

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