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Tour Like In Heaven 2019 with Lex van Someren, his band and a 6-voice choir from Ukraine

Like in Heaven -Tour 2019

With new program, a choir with 6 voices from the Ukraine and Lex's proven musicians

"Lex and his musicians succeeded in immersing us in another world for the duration of the concert - a world full of love, full of peace, full of heart contact, connection and heart opening....From the first note on goose bumps pure.... an indescribable gift! "

Enchanting music and stage art: an elixir of life for heart and soul

Under the motto "As in heaven", the Dutch sound and stage artist Lex van Someren, who lives in Baden-Baden, together with his band and the new choir "Voces Leopolis", takes his guests on a musical journey for heart and soul into extraordinary sound worlds. Anyone who has ever experienced a concert with Lex van Someren knows that this sound artist knows how to embody the dimension of the soul in his music and stage art. His singing works like a poetic language of the heart, which touches the deeper sides of people. The authentic power and the grace and devotion in his singing create a deeper connection with the audience.

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With the sensitive singing of his four-octave voice, Lex van Someren celebrates many pieces in his soul language - sounds and vowels without rational meaning. The songs and the magically arranged and set to music transform the concert hall into a lively and devout room of silence, where one can let one's soul dangle and recover physically and mentally from the tensions of everyday life.

New world music, fascinating rhythms, meditative sounds, spherical sound space experiences, choral songs, mantras, Lex van Someren's soulful voice and silence combine to create a pleasant atmosphere that lingers long after the concert. His unique music leads the listener into different sound worlds, which remind strongly of the music of e.g. Pink Floyd, Loreena McKennitt, Secret Garden and Enya.

In this music tonal and rhythmic elements from many epochs and cultures flow together and combine to a powerful soul music. His more than 40 CDs are popular all over the world because they move the listener's heart across all borders.

The audience is invited to experience and enjoy the concert without applause. "It is important to me to lead my guests - if they wish - with our music and sounds into a deep, inner silence, a silence full of joy, strength and energy", explains Lex van Someren. "Those who enter into this silent relaxation will gain access to their inner powers for body, mind and soul.

This radiant, lively world of music conveys a special message of peace that lingers long after the concert.

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Prospect of the tour

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Tour 2019

Konzertbeginn 19 Uhr (außer Ulm/Vöhringen 19:30 Uhr)

 Einlass 18 Uhr - Freie Platzwahl
(außer Dresden - nummerierte Plätze)

VVK 39,- € / AK 45,- € // Schweiz 60,- CHF

22.11. Dortmund, Pauluskirche 

23.11. Hannover, Markuskirche

24.11. Berlin, Urania Berlin | ticket

25.11. Dresden, Kulturpalast | ticket

26.11. Erfurt, Thomaskirche | ticket

01.12. Salzburg/A, Die Bachschmiede | ticket

02.12. Wien/A, Burg Perchtoldsdorf | ticket

03.12. Linz/A, Palais Kaufmännischer Verein | ticket

04.12. Graz/Gleisdorf/A, forumKLOSTER | ticket

06.12. München/Ottobrunn, Wolf-Ferrari-Haus | ticket

07.12. Ulm/Vöhringen, Kultzentr. W. Eychm.-Haus | ticket

12.12. Basel/CH Offene Kirche Elisabethen | ticket

13.12. Zürich/CH, Kirchgemeinde Neumünster | ticket

14.12. Nottwil/Luzern/CH, Paraplegiker-Zentrum | ticket

17.12. Würzburg, Mainfrankensäle | ticket

18.12. Köln, Lutherkirche | ticket

19.12. Darmstadt, Orangerie | ticket

20.12. Ludwigsburg, Friedenskirche | ticket

29.12. Baden-Baden, Kurhaus,
VVK 49,50 € / AK 60,- € | ticket

Lex van Someren - An artist who touches healingly with his voice and his music.

Lex van Someren Portrait
Lex van Someren is an internationally renowned visionary stage artist with a strong presence. He is one of the pioneers of modern spiritual music worldwide. His work is an expression of his vision and calling, with his unique stage art, his music, his concerts and seminars, to open soul spaces, to invite people of all ages and lives to a holistic inner experience. Born in the Netherlands, he has lived in Baden-Baden since 1997 and enchants audiences in many countries around the world. On about 40 CDs and several DVDs, which he produced together with Frank Steiner and published in his own publishing house, he presents the enormous spectrum of his artistic work.
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"Voces Leopolis"

This new ensemble was born from the desire to combine the music of Lex van Someren and Frank Steiner live with a choral sound - on stage in concerts and in preparation for the larger project "Mantra Symphony" (from the end of 2020).

The professional singers from the western Ukrainian city of Lviv have a common interest and professional curiosity to explore new paths in addition to their traditional way of making music. They share an appreciation of the music of Lex van Someren and a willingness to explore new avenues in live concerts.

Since the phenomenon "sound" and its quality is of great importance for the "Wie im Himmel" concerts, the singers of this ensemble with their Slavic voices and how they sing together will be an enrichment of a completely new kind. The concerts experience a wonderful sonic completion and an even greater liveliness and power through the presence of this choir.

The director and founder of "Voces Leopolis", Bohdan Shved, who will also be active as a conductor in the realisation of the Mantra Symphony project, pursues a very similar goal to Lex van Someren in his vision as a professional musician and choir orchestra conductor: Making music alive in various places - live - in front of and together with the audience.

Look forward to a whole new sublime concert sound!

"Hardly before have I experienced a concert in which every artist is so authentic, pure, completely in his own right and yet so connected to the audience... A great show without a show... - an invitation to pure being and the true essence! "


Spherical music and sound space experiences with Lex van Someren & Band. The top-class musicians around the sound artist Lex van Someren master their instruments skillfully in the colourful light of the stage and create in the most creative way an unforgettable sound experience. The wonderful singer Katie Okwuazu will be on tour for the second time and will enchant the audience with her charisma and powerful yet gentle voice. Johannes Hustedt on the flute surprises almost every song with a different type of flute or soprano saxophone. The cellist Vache Bagratuni often provides the singing counterpoint to the melody or the upper voice, while the virtuoso percussionist Nils Tannert impresses on his huge arsenal of percussion and on the O-Daiko and the Black Drum with a lot of physical effort also soloistically comes into its own. Frank Steiner, who besides keyboard and trumpet playing is also the musical director of the group, lays a sound carpet as a foundation, constantly shimmering in different colours.

"The musicians seem to merge with their instruments. This is the secret of their great art. This powerful music awakens deep longings and reminds us of dreams. Therefore these sounds are very moving. The artists touch the soul sides with inexhaustible energy. This music is like warm light. It is like magic!

But the healing musical touches of the group around singer Lex van Someren do not stop there. This one has a vocal range of four octaves. With his deep bass he wraps the listeners in a feel-good sound mantle or leads them with his head voice into undreamt-of moods. Together with his soul language - a melodic syllable sequence - but also with mantras, or with a Latin sung Ave Maria and German songs with deep lyrics, which get under the skin, he opens very special sound spaces, in which there is also a lot of room for musical improvisations of the whole band.

The listeners can find an inner peace through the music and singing that simply does them good. Already after a few songs this special spark jumps over to the majority of the visitors. Lex van Someren and his artists convey a special message of peace through their radiant, lively world of music, which lingers long after the concert.

The musicians of the tour 2019

  • Frank Steiner

  • Nils Tannert

  • Johannes Hustedt

  • Vache Bagratuni

Our 6 voices from the Ukraine

  • Adriana Chuchman
    Adriana Chuchman
  • Julia Duma
    Julia Duma
  • Kvitoslava-Trojanovska
    Kvitoslava Trojanovska
  • Maxym-Salnikov
    Maxym Salnikov
  • Matviy-Melnik
    Matviy Melnik
  • Bohdan-Sved
    Bohdan Sved

Impressions of the tour 2018

what visitors of the tour 2018 wrote us

"Dear Lex, thank you so much for your great concert. A concert that touches both soul and heart! You could feel the energy in the room. If you want to experience a musical dream world instead of everyday madness, this is the right place for you". - Heiko Schrang -

"Thank you again for the lovely concert. It had for me a loving and above all deeply peaceful charisma in the silence. I could fully enjoy the music and it could have gone on endlessly. The conclusion was also very beautiful and a feeling of big family arose." K.E.

"Still carried by the incredibly beautiful concert in Erfurt, which is still swinging after today, I would like to express my great thanks and admiration to Mr. Lex van Someren. Your unbelievable peace work and excellent gift to give the most loving counterweight to the present time through your work (I call it "The Spiral of Synergy") is without doubt exemplary and has touched me very much". R.K.

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful concert in Osnabrück. It touched me deeply and opened my heart wide. It is a great gift for me to be able to enjoy these hours. The musicians and the wonderful singer are so in harmony with Lex that the room is filled with peace and love. Thank you for these deep moments". U.L.

"Once again deeply moved into the sacred space that was opened by you. It became a web of sounds, healing energy, devotion and love. Thank you from all my heart."

"I was impressed by the high professionalism on all levels - the quality of the musicians*, light and sound, the stage presentation and also the surrounding with program sheets and merchandise.

"Dear Lex, still deeply touched by your divine concert I am sitting here to thank you, no you all. The concert opens spaces that we longingly seek, our spaces in which our divine core is hidden. WOW . May many souls perceive their spaces, which you open with your music and your voices. Yes, really pure soul food." H.L.

"Dear Lex and band, many thanks for the wonderful concert in Dresden, which I have been looking forward to for months. How you master the many concert dates and how you can inspire people everywhere can only be paid respect. You've got what it takes".

"Thank you very much for this tip. I immediately watched YouTube and listened to some sequences of Lex van Someren,...... and I was immediately touched and excited. Then my wife and I, together with two friends, could enjoy and experience this concert with Lex van Someren, this enchanting singer Katie Okwuazu and the top professional musicians. It's really pure soul food and probably it's like heaven - at least to some extent."

"Many thanks for the great, touching concert in Villingen-Schwenningen. I will draw strength from this for a long time to come."

"I was very touched by the interplay. The beautiful male deep voice (which can also be very high), then again Katie, the cello, the drum. I often just closed my eyes. It was an evening for the soul and I will definitely come back."

"Thanks to all the actors of yesterday evening for the wonderful hours with your music. Balm for the soul. It was very emotional and healing."


"Dear Lex van Someren Team, I am infinitely grateful to you that every year on your concert tour you also have an appointment in Berlin. The Apostle Paulus Church is a perfect place for such a wonderful and deeply touching music. As unique as the music is the place ... A very big praise!

"Dear Lex, we were in Berlin in your concert. Until then I had 2 CD's from you that accompanied me throughout the year and I was very much looking forward to this day to see and hear you and your team again. I was again very impressed by the music, by your ability to bring people to rest and silence, in this hectic city and time. You can feel that your profession is a vocation. The same applies to your singer and band, who are great musicians. The concert is not only music and ability, but it has touched me again very much, thank you very much. Happily I left the church with my husband and 2 new CDs. Feelings can be expressed so badly in words, it was an attempt by me."

"Dear Lex, I'd like to give you some feedback on the concert in Bobingen. I find it really fascinating what you GIBST at your concerts. Not only you, but all your musicians and technicians. It seemed to us as if you had really worked - healing work for the people in the audience and for the earth! We are so infinitely grateful to you for what you do for love and healing and appreciate your work and energy...and love your music that carries and accompanies us throughout the year. Each of your concerts always triggers something different...I think, depending on what is individual for each individual at the moment. But how much you hold the space for us and this time again not only the enjoyment of your incredibly good quality of your band and your music alone would have been, your concerts are actually like a totally intensive session with a great healer....and it will last for a very long time. We love you and your work....this should not sound kitschy or so now."

"Yesterday I was with my cousin at the concert in Ottobrunn. She was thrilled. You now have a Lex van Someren fan more!

"Dear Lex, it was a fantastic concert in this homely church - like in heaven! Your deep intensive voice harmonizes so wonderfully with Katie's soft and at the same time powerful voice; and these great musicians - simply wonderful to experience this unity and this skill! It was once again the highlight of the year for me - thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

"Dear Lex, your message of peace and love has touched and reached me in your live appearances both musically and through your speeches".

"It was a dream journey for my soul I thank you very much for this wonderful experience!

"Thank you for a wonderful evening. Don't want to miss it until next year 2019 - the anticipation is very big!"

"Dear Lex, dear musicians, a deep, touching concert in Linz, still vibrates within me, a big THANK YOU to you wonderful people, my soul has been touched and carried very deeply.

"It is always a pleasure for all the senses. The concert is always also a piece of healing for me".

"Dear Lex, I feel the need to write to you and tell you how much your music has changed my life for the better. In 2016 a dear colleague gave me your "Mantras of Joy" CD and for the first time a music managed to touch me really deeply. Considering how much relaxing music Youtube has to offer and yet it was only your music that deeply touched me. Your music stands out far from everything else and last but not least it is simply the sound of your voice that triggers unimaginable and healing things in you. But all this is even surpassed when you listen to it live. I would never have thought such a thing possible. You manage to touch and calm one deeply in one's heart, to awaken something in one to change. Your music is able to heal the soul from all the pain that is buried deep inside. It's a goose bump experience from beginning to end! And each time anew your music worked so intensively, that even days later the aftereffects could be felt. And since then your music accompanies me in everyday life and strengthens me so that my soul can heal itself. However, there is still a huge difference when you can be experienced live. Your deep, powerful voice, especially with the mantras, is not from this world, truly like a heaven on earth! A feeling of bliss and unconditional love for your stage art overcomes me. From the bottom of my heart I hope that I will be able to experience you for many years to come and that it will be possible for you to stay on stage for a long time to come in good health".

"Dear Mr. Someren! It is a great need for me to write to them. I was present at the concert in Vienna and felt the vibrations until the next morning. During the night I couldn't sleep and was immersed in the sound experience again. Again the vibration of the music felt, the message, what they told us about the soul and the deeply touching words about Mom and Dad where everyone found themselves again. As a child or as a parent. I could also feel the audience, which was very restrained until the time when everyone stood and sang," I feel love. "Yes, there it is again what I also feel in my courses. The longing for simplicity. The expression of the soul in sound, singing and movement. The world is so saturated with regulations, dates, technique, perfection that we don't even dare to be ourselves again. It needs a courageous guidance so that the soul can unfold again. Thank you for encouraging us to be who we are." R.G.

"Dear Lex van Someren, last night was wonderful... quite different than a year ago. No less deep and touching, no, somehow quieter, more intimate and with a quieter audience. Also you musicians were closer, I and Der Klang found very rich and round, also because of the acoustics in the church. It was so wonderful to witness the beauty of the music and the interplay and to be in the middle of this vibration and to resonate with it. You are all wonderful musicians! Thank you everyone and especially you, Lex!

"How do you describe something that actually seems to come out of heaven, for which there are actually no words? I have visited 5 concerts on this tour. My girlfriend asked if it wouldn't be boring to hear the concert again and again. I can only say the opposite! The special thing about your music is that it always seems to get better with every listening. Each time new dimensions, sensations and images open up - and each time a different song especially touches my heart. Goose bumps moments, amazement and boundless joy... Every time ! I love this music so much that I can hear it seemingly infinitely often." I.B.

"Dear Lex, I am so grateful that I could experience this concert again - even several times this year. It was a great pleasure for me to see you again together with Katie and your band. Each of them is brilliant and makes the whole thing possible in his effect. Katie with her wonderful, soul deeply touching voice and her stage presence (you both harmonize wonderfully with each other!), Nils with his energetic, rousing drum interludes, Frank, Johannes and Vache with their wonderful abilities on the different instruments... The effect on me in the concerts is as if a stream of sounds, love, light and colours were flowing in on me at the same time - and it is no longer possible to distinguish what sounds, inner and outer light, colours and universal love are. They merge into each other, meet in space and heart, make both wide and bright. It feels like a stream of light and incredibly great joy in which time no longer exists. For people who are open to it, these sounds simply flow into the soul and make it shine. Because the soul knows it from another dimension. They open the heart wide and let light and joy flow in. This is a boundless joy that becomes so great that sometimes it is almost unbearable and tears come to the eyes because the heart simply overflows. They remind us of something that we cannot really grasp yet and that is always there. It is something like an inkling of a memory of the place where we come from and the true reason for our being here. An inkling of what life on earth could be like would open people's hearts for themselves and for each other. I.B.

"I can feel how the concert hall is filled with love and light. A holy, healing atmosphere is created. Singing the mantra together strengthens the whole, so that there is peace, a strong sense of connectedness and gratitude in the room. Universal love is no longer just a term, but it is tangible and tangible for everyone in the room".

"The Music: Love Became Sounds."

"After the concert, a couple went before me to sing "I feel so much love" to each other. Lex had said: "Let's go out on the street..." They actually take this joy and this glow out onto the street. And they pass it on because they feel it. To feel the joy of the people around me and to see the radiance in their eyes has increased my joy even more. Precious moments, because every concert is unique."

"I am still of the opinion that this music is so urgently needed right now and will contribute to the healing of the earth!

"If art leads people to joy, strength and healing, then I believe it has fulfilled the purpose of the Source from which it ultimately comes.

"Thank you Lex and all involved for your music, your pleasant sound, your artistic work and the many dedicated projects that Lex is carrying out (he must have somehow managed that his days are longer than ours...)".

"The concert was again soooo fabulous, and the end really brilliant, this song followed me for a very long time."

"I would like to thank you very much for this wonderful concert. Once again it helped me to heal. These vibrations are unique. I cannot describe it, you have to feel it yourself. I wish this experience to many people".

"Thank you for a wonderful evening!!! the way the first time with my daughter, who is now also enthusiastic about your music ...and the "message" behind it - "love - so much love...".

"This year's concert was once again an absolute dream and I thank from the bottom of my heart for the unique experience for my heart and soul with the almost divine sounds - like a "manna from heaven" to refuel and recharge. I can hardly find words to describe my feelings for this "Nourishment of the Soul".

"The music is absolutely touching, it opens doors in my soul, so that I stand in front of the screen with some songs, close my eyes and simply cry, because it feels like the flight home of my soul to a higher sphere. And because I feel that way, I would like to share it with other people and please order 8 x DVD "Konzert Dresden 2017".

"The concert touched me deeply and fulfilled me like not for a long time! I haven't had the opportunity to visit one of the concerts for a long time. Now this final concert touched me so much .... also the voices of the new singer and you together ... simply Mega Hammer beautiful".

"Dear Lex, the beautiful evening with you, I sat directly in front of you and could experience you very close with your wonderful voice and intuition, I am still very touched by it......., the silence........., the room......., the energy money............ which resulted so wonderfully and was so beautifully filled by you with "gifts", the singing, the togetherness, the drumming, wow "Namaste" the mantra singing........., this is my most beautiful Christmas present....., I am so grateful for "taking".  Thank you for being there and for creating so wonderfully with your fellow participants, with so much joy, the power of your love in you......... so emotionally to feel, you have accompanied me a part of my way and made your abilities available and I came back to my center with the desire for lasting change, I am keen to experiment and spiritual. THANK YOU, THANK YOU"

"Good morning Lex, A big thank you to you and your musicians and helpers for the wonderful concert in Basel. The final song, much love, feel love, sung with ease and your enchanting smile, was divine. A beautiful conclusion of the concert 2018."

"Many thanks for the wonderful concert I experienced with my wife in Bremen. It was a great experience. I'm still drawing on it now."

"Dear Lex, I would like to thank you very much for this year's wonderful concert in Berlin and hope that Katie will accompany you for a long time to come. You fit so incredibly well together and reach your audience so deeply in the heart. Like me, many of you were on tour, I felt really personally addressed and richly rewarded. This concert is like a single declaration of love. How nice that we could all sing the last title together."

"The concert in Zurich was wonderful again, thank you very much for honouring us in Zurich with your concert, it was a gift!

"I would like to say "Thank you" again for wonderful music, great newsletters and a wonderful DVD, which I would like to recommend to everyone. The music is already heart opening, the DVD brings the music, the feelings and the love into the living room. A small/large replacement for people who do not have the possibility to go to a concert!  

"A wonderful evening comes to an end for me (Cologne). The music of Lex and his wonderful musicians is and remains my soul food".

"Your band. These people are vibrating the same with you. It is not that you are you and they are they. No, this is just a stage name for the material world, Lex & The Band. You all are a UNITY, ONENESS. Because they are in the same story, they vibrate the same with you. I really want to tell you that my husband and I felt the ENORMOUS amount of work that you and your team put in the concerts and how undervalued this is. The value of one ticket is far from the real value that goes in, the energies are very under-balanced..."

"Dear Lex, we've known each other for almost 7 years now. The first time I was in Baden Baden at your big tour "Traumreise für die Seele" at the clownspart on stage. I was the little girl who immediately reassembled the chair during the folding chair scene. Since then we have seen each other almost every year and your music has and will shape me all my life".

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