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Annette Rappenecker singer

was a solo singer on stage at the early age of 11.

Countless appearances followed, first in Germany, and later, in all of Europe.
Telecasts and radio transmissions, numerous live appearances, advertising jingles, and CD productions made her name popular, also with insiders of the music business.
Her voice tints productions from well-known stars like Nino de Angelo, Bandit, Bürger Lars Dietrich, Uliz, or Lex van Someren.

She also lent her voice in the title song of the German film "Marlene Dietrich".
Besides her musical trips to Brazil, the live appearance with the MTV Phoenix Festival in England, and the production of a video clip in Bangkok, one experience particularly shapes her vocal life:
With "The Phlow", she was on tour for 6 weeks and for 35 concerts as a special guest for the "Fantastischen Vier" on their "Lauschgift"-Tour of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Since 2003 she has dedicated herself to the music group „high vocality“ , with whom you can experience her, live and in studio.

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