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Lex van Someren Other Artists

Ayam Chor Der Chor des Traumreiseensembles

In 2006 we founded a choir named Ayam, that performs at well chosen concerts and at the stage show of "Dream Journey for the Soul" of Lex van Someren and friends.

The choir is composed of women, that assist Lex and his musicians with mantra chants and harmony singing in the language of the soul.
At the start of every year there is the possibility to take in new members.

Prerequisites for participation in the choir:
Participation in a 2 or 3 day seminar "Essence of the Soul" of Lex for several days.
Participation in the seminar "sound of the soul" in the starting year, plus attendance at the rehearsal weekends with the voice trainer/ singing teacher Claudia Gorzalka.
Interested persons have to pass a "casting" focussing on the quality of voice and singing skills.

Apart from an inner orientation to the vision, that is behind "Dream Journey", it is essential for us to know how much experience you have with singing.

In particular this means:
- do/ did you sing in a choir?
-are you, regarding the intonation, competent in using your voice in polyphonic singing?
-Do you find it easy to move while singing?
-Do you play an instrument? (not required)
- Can you read music?

The participation at "Traumreise" requires absolute priority and a financial scope, since the project is very time-consuming. To fit into the group is very important, a reliable attitude and working with great concentration during the rehearsals and performances, that´s to say trough the whole tour ( rehearsals take place in Baden-Baden most of the time).

The vision of getting along together carried by understanding, sympathy and love for Lex' music and performanceartnot only exists on stage but mainly behind all things!

More information: Office Lex van Someren....

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