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Lex van Someren Other Artists

Elisa Allgaier Dancer

…writes about herself:

"Thanks to my studies in Fitness-Economics, I was able to experience what it means to „Take care of one’s body, so that the soul likes to live inside it". In addition, my oriental dance studies with one of the most renowned dancers in Germany (Enussah from Nurnberg), allowed me to feel what it means to be an authentic woman and to find my strength in that, so I can express this emotion in my dancing and share it with others. I have danced ever since I was a child and received classes in various dance forms like jazz, classical ballet, salsa and ultimately, oriental dances.
In 2005, I was able to gather my first experiences as a show dancer in Augsburg and in 2008 I was part of a large in-house production musical in Kempten. Since that time, I have taught many oriental dance classes and I am excited to share my experiences of love expressed through the art of dance."

Elisa first performed on stage with Lex van Someren in 2014. During one of the final performances of the „Traumreise-Tour“ in 2014, one of the main dancers (Suna) endured a serious injury inside the Berliner Tempodrom, which prevented her from continuing her performances. In the same night, Elisa was engaged as a replacement for Suna and she mastered this challenge with bravery; she was rewarded with an engagement in the "Wie im Himmel (like in Heaven)"-Tour in 2015.

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