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Portrait Jürgen Ott
  1. JuergenOtt

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Jürgen Ott guitar player

" The experiences that he gained through his musical career, did not go by unnoticed by the audience." (D. Mazdar)

After finishing his studies of economy at grammar school he went the college for music in Dinkelsbühl, Germany and graduated as a state-certified music teacher.

Afterwards he felt drawn to Freiburg where he studied at the academy of music to get a diploma in music. Then he finished a postgraduate course and master classes.
Beside his position as a guitar teacher the music school Nördlicher Breisgau, he teaches at the music school Freiburg e.V., at the municipal music school Lahr, at the Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg, as well as in the music studio Wachendorfer in Bahlingen.

Popular styles and classical music always had and still have a fascinating effect on him. Rock, Blues and Funk are his favorite "second" as a guitar player in various bands and groups.

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