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Lex van Someren Other Artists

Piero Molinari flowerpictures

This brilliant artist-photopgrapher shoots magical flower-photos, that reveal the divine power of beauty of life. The expression and depth of his close-up pictures of the world of flowers raise us into an endless space of awe and wonder.
With great joy and gratitude we use in our stage show "Lex van Someren's Dream Journey" several of these flower images as large projections, as a stage design.
From the bottom of my heart I can invite you to open up to these worlds of beauty, which are being revealed by Piero's flower pictures.
Pure nourishment for the soul!
- Lex van Someren -

Here a statement by Piero Molinari:

Why do I do photography, what is fascinating.........
It is the feeling of beauty that finds its source in my innermost being, which makes me see and recognise the wonder of Creation in the smallest flower.
I revive when time and space allows me to photograph, as I have that wonderful sense of getting a connection with the soul essence of things. In a way it helps me connect with Creation in my own being.
So often I am completely '"loosing myself" into it, without any sense of time, space and much magic in the Garden of Eden. All that it takes is to become quiet, feel my breath, open my eyes and shine.
This fascinantion for our gift, called life, I wish to show with my photos to everyone that is open or waking up.

My photos are alive, they are magic and therefore they may touch people's hearts and souls.

Exactly that is what I wish in my touch people in the heart with my pictures, words and expression - until my last breath.

Get an impression yourself by taking time to enjoy my pictures on Flickr or the clips in Youtube, which are combined with the music of Lex van Someren. You can also see and comment my pictures on Facebook.

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