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Lex van Someren Other Artists

Shinouda Ayad dance of the heart

As a whirling derwish Shinouda Ayad delighted the audience at "Lex van Somerens Dream Journey for the Soul". With the tradition of sufism (Islamic mysticism) he celebrates the ritual of dervish dance by whirling around and constantly getting faster, turning on his own axis. With his mystical ring dance Shinouda Ayad, known as "Massri" ("the Egyptian"), captivated millions of people in Germany when he participated in the RTL-talent-show "Deutschland sucht das Supertalent".
Shinouda Ayad is dancer with all his heart and soul. Grown up in Luxor in Egypt, he followed the promptings of his heart to become a dervish dancer. Mohab Henedi, a former member of the Egypt Mahmoud Reda unit, helped him to get a danceeducation, which also contained other traditional Egyptian forms of folk dance. The passionate dancer danced on Nile cruise ships in Luxor and later in the USA and Europe. In 2000 he went to Kiel (North Germany), where he now lives, dances and works.
When asked for his secret of success Shinouda Ayad says: "I dance with my heart. As a good dancer you do not belong to yourself, but to the audience that you dance for. If you do not move the hearts, you didn´t do well enough."

Following his credo "dancing is flying and healing" he always manages to stir the blood of the audience and cast a spell, so that the people slip into a world where heart and soul are the measure of all things. - an artist made for Lex ' "Dream Journey for the Soul"

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