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Lex van Someren Other Artists

Suna Dance in full passion

With fascinating and thrilling dance performances Suna has enriched "Lex van Someren´s Dream Journey". Born in Hamburg and being partly German partly Turkish, she is a professional dancer. Her great passion is oriental dance, but she also masters other styles e.g. jazz dance or tap dancing. Furthermore she participated in many projects e.g. as a show dancer for various music groups in Germany and abroad, as well as at the Tom-Fletcher project "The Red Shoes"?. After her education by many famous dance teachers, she now is an acknowledged professional teacher herself. And she passes on her experience as a dancer.
People that have experienced Suna on stage know that she is a dancer with all of her heart and that her vocation always was to be a dancer. Expressive and full of joy, she shows the beauty and passion of dance. And through the expression of her feminity and elegance she slips into different styles of dance. A truly magnifying event for all senses, when she expresses the variety and potential of dance in his full bloom.

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