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Seminar Registration

Seminar Registration

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all seminar dates

Seminar Essenz der Seele | Thema “Mann - Frau”

06. - 08.06.2022 Baden-Baden -  3-Tage-Seminar Mann-Frau -“Essenz der Seele”
Spitalkirche (neben Caracalla-Therme), Römerplatz, 76530 Baden-Baden
Seminarzeiten: Mo. 10:00 - 18:30 Uhr, Di. - Mi. 9:30 - 18 Uhr
Seminargebühr: € 390,- * (inkl. 19 % MwSt.)
Info/Anmeldung: 07223-80665-0, / Anmeldeformular - siehe links "Seminar-Anmeldung"

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*Hartz IV-Empfänger und Studenten bekommen mit Vorlage der Bescheinigung/Ausweis 30 % Nachlass.

Seminars about Men-Women with Lex van Someren

for singles and pairs

We can only be happy and find fulfillment within ourselves and in our partnerships, when we recognize and restore the sacred union between the woman and man in ourselves. Only then can we become whole.
We are standing on the threshold to a new era, in which we are all invited to approach ourselves and each other with respect, dignity, devotion and deep love.
We need a new orientation towards the balance between the feminine and the masculine part in us, so that each individual - woman or man – can find true inner harmony in her- or himself. Only then can we begin to heal our interpersonal relationships.
Viewing and redeeming this fundamental issue within us becomes more urgent in an era of increasing personal, social and global crises, in which the call for deep healing, transformation and a new consciousness becomes louder every day.
This is a seminar which provides a way to unleash deep levels of love, truth and freedom, giving room to a new presence between the feminine and masculine.

Woman and man recognize themselves in euch other:

Dear woman, dear man you are my mirror. You are within me ans I am within you.

And they say to each other:

My deepest wish is that the eternal struggle between us ceases to be and that we learn to respect and nurture each other, so that each one of us can heal themselves and come into the full power of the heart, so that self-love can grow. Only then will we really be able to reunite in a divine sense. And by doing so, we can truly live out the deep love between a woman and a man and through the union of our spirits, we can become a unity in freedom, for the good of all that live around us.

This path requires a willingness to discover, accept and finally let go of the shadows, entanglements, and patterns that have caused us to unintentionally (unconsciously) reduce and undermine love and intimacy.
At the center of all humanity stands a new relationship between the sexes. Nothing has been so profoundly destroyed in the last thousands of years, as love and the mutual trust between the sexes. Buried deep under the layers of great problems lies an openly acted out, latent or hidden gender war. This was caused by the historical oppression of the feminine soul (in both woman and man) during the patriarchal epoch.
We live in a time when more and more people are confronting this issue and are willing to heal it deep within themselves, so that the feminine and masculine, male and female can learn to live in mutual harmony once again.
Only when we are equally connected to both energies and when we recognize and restore the sacred union between woman and man within ourselves, can all of us become whole again. This is the only way to find true happiness and fulfillment within ourselves, create a balanced life and lead fulfilling relationships.

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Participants of the Man-Woman Seminar say:

"It was a very intense, exciting and wonderful seminar that gave me a lot of liberation and grounding! During these four days, I have repeatedly received signs that have shown me the way and strengthened my confidence in myself and the divine universe. This is such a great enrichment and gift on my personal path of development!"

"My deeply felt gratitude goes to Lex for his wonderful work in this pure, nourishing, healing and sonorous energetic space of unconditional love! R. P  "

"It was truly MAGICal. Those thousands of mirrors – to feel – and be ONE with ALL."

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