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with Nils Tannert & Lex van Someren


powerful    uplifting      grounding    •   Pure joy of life!

You are a vibrating being that resonates with ALL THAT IS.
So the O-Daiko drum is also a vibrating being. We communicate with it on a level that is beyond time and space.

Nils and Lex have often included trance dance events in the "Essence of the Soul" seminars with a deep, liberating and empowering effect for all participants. This event was offered publicly for the first time in 2017 with great success. Due to the great demand we offer this extraordinary event in many cities. It is recommended to register early - the number of participants is limited.

In the trance dance event, everyone has the opportunity to transcend the limits of their own mind. A pure powerful flow arises that allows one to dive deep into one's own inner being. Everyone is invited to "let themselves fall" into the rhythms and the music and to open the gates to the worlds that lie dormant. This is how joy and ecstasy can arise - letting oneself dance and being danced to!

Pure joy of life!

Trance-Dance-Events  - Dates 2023 -

11.11.  Graz/Werndorf/A

Kulturheim Werndorf, Erzherzog-Johann-Str. 3, 8402 Werndorf

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 h / Participation fee: 79,00 €*

Info +49 (0)7223-80665-0, / To the registration form

12.11.  Salzburg/A

Die Bachschmiede, Jakob-Lechner-Weg 2 - 4, 5071 Wals-Siezenheim

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 h / Participation fee: 79,00 €*

Info +49 (0)7223-80665-0, / To the registration form

17.11.  Stuttgart/Esslingen

Osterfeldhalle, Köngener Str. 51, 73734 Esslingen am Neckar

Time: 18:00 - 22:00 h / Participation fee / : 79,00 €*

Info +49 (0)7223-80665-0, / To the registration form


19.11.  Nottwil/Luzern/CH

Aula Paraplegiker-Zentrum, Guido A. Zäch Str. 1, 6207 Nottwil

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 h / Participation fee: 95,00 CHF/€*

Info +49 (0)7223-80665-0, / To the registration form

25.11.  Hannover

Markuskirche, Oskar-Winter-Str. 7/Nähe Lister Platz, 30161 Hannover

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 h / Participation fee: 79,00 €*

Info +49 (0)7223-80665-0, / To the registration form

27.11.  Dresden

Hotel Kaiserhof, Hauptstr. 62, 01454 Radeberg

Time: 18:00 - 22:00 h / Participation fee: 79,00 €*

Info +49 (0)7223-80665-0, / To the registration form

02.12.  Darmstadt

Orangerie, Bessunger Str. 44, 64285 Darmstadt

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 h / Participation fee: 79,00 €*

Info +49 (0)7223-80665-0, / To the registration form

03.12.  Bühl/Baden-Baden

Bürgerhaus Neuer Markt, Europaplatz 1, 77815 Bühl

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 h / Participation fee: 79,00 €*

Info +49 (0)7223-80665-0, / To the registration form

09.12.  Köln/Bergheim

BÜRGERHAUS.QUADRATH, Rilkestraße/Graf-Beissel-Platz, 50127 Bergheim-Quadrath

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 h / Participation fee: 79,00 €*

Info +49 (0)7223-80665-0, / To the registration form

10.12.  Merzig/Losheim

Saalbau, Weiskirchener Straße 9, 66679 Losheim am See

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 h / Participation fee: 79,00 €*

Info +49 (0)7223-80665-0, / To the registration form

16.12.  München

Kulturzentrum Trudering, Wasserburger Landstr. 32, 81825 München

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 h / Participation fee: 79,00 €*

Info +49 (0)7223-80665-0, / To the registration form

17.12.  Ulm/Vöhringen

Kulturzentrum Wolfgang-Eychmüller-Haus, Hettstedter Platz 1, 89269 Vöhringen

Time: 13:00 - 17:00 h / Participation fee: 79,00 €*

Info +49 (0)7223-80665-0, / To the registration form

*Financial compensation for trance dance events.
30% discount for those who have little money (instalments are also possible).
If you really have no money, you can come without paying, or you give less. But it only works with registration!
If you can afford it, we are happy if you pay more. In this way, a harmonious balance can be achieved. Thank you!

- Registration required" -


You are warmly invited!

Es ist eine gewaltige Kraft die durch den Raum schallt, wenn Nils den Rhythmus auf seinen O-DAIKO-Trommel schlägt. Du bist eingeladen im Tanz die Resonanz bis in die letzte Körperzelle hautnah zu spüren. Nur wer das Rhythmus der O-DAIKO selbst im Körper erfahren hat, kennt die innere Kraft und die durchdringende Wirkung der Schwingungen.

While the virtuoso percussionist Nils Tannert impresses on his extensive arsenal of percussion and shows off the O-Daiko, the Black Drum, Djembe, etc. with a lot of physical effort, he is accompanied and supported by the sound artist Lex van Someren with spontaneously improvised chants and his extraordinary music for heart and soul.

Trance dance is one of the oldest,
consciousness-expanding rituals of mankind.
  • Activate your self-healing powers

  • Experience emotional relaxation

  • Free your mind

  • Open yourself to intuition and vision

  • Be in the here and now

  • Enjoy the experience of "being danced".

  • Enjoy ecstasy


with his voice and his music.

An artist who touches healingly

Lex van Someren

Lex van Someren is an internationally known visionary stage artist with a strong presence. He is one of the pioneers of modern spiritual music. His work is an expression of his vision and calling to open soul spaces with his unique stage art, music, concerts and seminars, inviting people of all ages and walks of life to a holistic inner experience.

Anyone who has experienced an event with Lex van Someren knows that he knows how to embody the dimension of the soul in his music, stage art and seminars.


His singing acts like a poetic language of the heart that touches the deeper sides of people. On around 48 CDs and several DVDs, which he has produced together with Frank Steiner and published in his own publishing house, he presents the enormous range of his artistic work as well as in the context of stage art, concerts and seminars. In his music, many tonal and rhythmic elements from many epochs and cultures flow together and combine to create powerful soul music. His CDs are popular worldwide because they move listeners' hearts across all borders.

Nils Tannert


A musician with an alert ear and mind who constantly discovers new things and integrates them into his own concept of percussion, music and movement. Many musical influences since 4 decades are shaped by his music studies and travels to different musical worlds and their cultures. Through his classical music studies he was also able to get to know the music of his own cultural affiliation very well. Since 2001 he has been fascinated by the power and clarity of the Japanese Taiko or O-Daiko, which he has already been able to pass on to enthusiastic people in many seminars.



His love is for the wide field of percussion. His ability to combine the variety of rhythms into a true firework of percussion in power, lightness and sensitivity distinguishes him. Whoever has experienced him live is deeply touched. The ability to touch and transform with music has become an important part of his musical work. Working with Lex van Someren for 14 years now has opened up many new ways of looking at music for him. Gratitude for being allowed to walk the path of a musician is deeply anchored in his heart.


Trance dance is a profound experience that invites you to return to yourself. You let your body move freely to ethnic sounds that are healing, sustaining, relieving or stimulating. This kind of dance is not meant to communicate with the outside world, but is about personal inner growth, transformation and deepening of consciousness. Through dance you go on a journey of discovery of yourself and your place in the greater whole. It is in our human nature to move, to unfold, to grow. Constantly returning patterns in your thoughts and actions make you rusty and narrow your consciousness. In trance dance you explore and dance your own dance to break out of rusty and constricting thought patterns. All your personal life experiences are stored in your body, and during the dance tensions can be released or solutions to problems can suddenly arise. When your dance transforms, something deep within you and how you stand in the world also changes.

It is also a ritual to express the life energy and joy of life in you. For example, you can focus on an aspect of your life that you want to bring clarity and movement to. You think about what you want to receive or what you are ready to open up for. For example, you can dance to gain insight, to process something, or to celebrate life. By choosing an intention you give direction to your dance.

It is advisable to dance with your eyes closed, if possible, to exclude the visual stimuli from your surroundings. This makes you more aware of all your senses and helps you to make contact with your inner world and wisdom.

What seminar visitors say

"From the Bali seminar I had a certain idea of what it could be like, but what I experienced here exceeded that by far! It was really trance dancing in the best sense! Oh how I enjoyed it! The sounds all seemed to be in the whole room at the same time and seemed to multiply. It was no longer possible to assign where they were coming from, they were simply everywhere, even within oneself. At some point you don't care at all where you are - and with whom. The body no longer moves according to the rhythms, but it is reversed: the rhythms move the body. But not only that, but the entire energy field that makes it up - in every cell and around it. Space and time become less and less important and seem to dissolve. And - for this experience I am particularly grateful. The movements actually became effortless. Somehow it was as if energy was being supplied to the cells and the energy field of the body from outside. That's why I felt energetic and grounded after the 4 hours. Yes, it was a great experience. I hope I have the opportunity to be there again sometime. This is pure life energy!"

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