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"I have wanted to write for a long time how much my husband and I enjoyed your concert! It was wonderful! We have bought several CDs from you. We listen to them very very often.
The music gives a lot of strength, opens and I also feel health improvements. Thank you very much!“

"Dear Lex, Thank you very much for your great concert. A concert that touched the soul and the heart in equal measure! You could literally feel the energy in the room. If you want to experience a musical dream world instead of everyday madness, this is exactly the right place." - Heiko Schrang -

"Thank you again for the beautiful concert. It had a loving and above all deeply peaceful radiance into silence for me. I could fully enjoy the music and it could have gone on endlessly. The ending was also very beautiful and there was a feeling of great family."


"Still carried away by the unbelievably beautiful and still resonating very impressive concert in Erfurt, I would like to express my great gratitude and admiration to you, Mr Lex van Someren. Your unbelievable peace work and outstanding gift to give the most loving counterbalance to the present time through your work (I call it "The Spiral of Synergy") is without doubt exemplary and has touched me very much."

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful concert in Osnabrück. It touched me deeply and opened my heart wide. It is a great gift for me to be able to enjoy these hours. The musicians and the wonderful singer are so in tune with Lex that the room is filled with peace and love. Thank you for these profound moments."

"Once again, deeply moved, I dived into the sacred space that was opened by you. A web of sounds, healing energy, devotion and love was woven. Thank you for this from my whole heart.

"I was impressed by the high level of professionalism on all levels - the quality of the musicians, lighting and sound, the stage presentation and also the trappings with programme sheets and merchandise."

"Dear Lex, still deeply touched by your divine concert, I sit here to thank you, no, all of you. The concert opens spaces that we long for, our spaces where our divine core is hidden. WOW May many souls perceive their spaces that you open with your music and your voices. Yes, truly pure soul food."

"Dear Lex and band, thank you very much for the wonderful concert in Dresden, which I had been looking forward to for months. The way you master the many concert dates and inspire people everywhere, one can only pay you respect. You simply have it!

"Thank you very much for this tip. I immediately looked on YouTube and listened to a few sequences of Lex van Someren - and I was immediately touched and thrilled. Afterwards my wife and I, together with two friends, were able to enjoy and experience this concert with Lex van Someren, this enchanting singer Katie Okwuazu and the top professional musicians. It's really pure soul food and it's probably a lot like heaven - at least to some extent."


"Thank you very much for the great, touching concert in Villingen-Schwenningen. I will draw strength from this for a long time to come."

"I was very touched by the interplay. The beautiful male deep voice (which can also be very high), then Katie again, the cello, the drum. I often just closed my eyes. It was an evening for the soul and I will definitely come again."

"Thank you to all the actors of last night for the wonderful hours with your music. Balm for the soul. It was very emotional and healing."


"Dear Lex van Someren team, I am infinitely grateful to you that you also have a date in Berlin on your concert tour every year. The Apostel Paulus Kirche is a perfect place for such wonderful and deeply touching music. The place is as unique as the music ... A very big praise!!!"

"Dear Lex, we went to your concert in Berlin. Until then I had 2 CDs from you that accompanied me over the year and I was very much looking forward to this day to see or hear you and your team again. I was again very taken by the music, by your ability to bring people to calmness and silence in this hectic city and time. One senses that your profession is a vocation. The same is true of your singer and band, who are great musicians. The concert is not only music and skill, but it touched me very much again, for that many, many thanks. I left the church happy with my husband and 2 new CDs. Feelings are so hard to put into words, it was an effort on my part."

"Dear Lex, I would like to give you some feedback on the concert in Bobingen. I find it really fascinating what you GIVE at your concerts. Not only you, but all your musicians and technicians. We felt as if you were really working - healing work for the people in the audience and for the earth! We are so infinitely grateful for what you do for love and healing and appreciate your work and energy....and love your music that carries and accompanies us so much during the year. Each of your concerts always triggers something different. I think it depends on what is happening individually with each person. But how much you hold the space for us and this time once again not only the enjoyment of your unbelievably good quality of your band and your music alone would have been enough, no, your concerts are actually like a totally intense session with a great healer....and it still has a very very long effect. We love you and your work.... that's not meant to sound cheesy or anything."

"I went to the concert in Ottobrunn yesterday with my cousin. She was thrilled. You now have one more Lex van Someren fan!"

"Dear Lex, it was a dreamlike concert in this cosy church - like in heaven!!! Your deep intense voice harmonises so wonderfully with Katie's gentle yet powerful voice; and these great musicians - just gorgeous to experience this unity and skill! It was once again the highlight of the year for me - thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!"

"Dear Lex, Your message of peace and love touched and reached me in your live performances both musically and through your speeches."

"It was a dream journey for my soul I thank you very much for this wonderful experience!"

"Thank you for a wonderful evening. Wouldn't want to miss it until next year 2019 - the anticipation is very great!"

"Dear Lex, dear musicians, a profound, touching concert in Linz, still resonates in me now, a big THANK YOU to you wonderful people, my soul has been very deeply touched and carried."

"It is a pleasure for all senses every time. The concert is always also a piece of healing for me!"

"Dear Lex, I feel the need to write to you and tell you how much your music has changed my life for the better. In 2016, I received your "Mantras of Joy" CD as a gift from a dear colleague at work and for the first time, music really managed to touch me deeply. When you think about how much relaxation music Youtube offers and yet it was only your music that touched me deeply. Your music stands out from everything else and last but not least it is simply the sound of your voice that triggers something unimaginable and healing in you. But all this is even surpassed when you listen to the whole thing live. I would never have thought such a thing possible. You manage to touch and calm one deep in the heart, to awaken something in one to change. Your music is able to heal the soul from all the pain that is buried deep inside. It's a goosebump experience from the beginning to the last song! And each time your music had such an intense effect that the after-effects could still be felt days later. And since then, your music accompanies me in everyday life and strengthens me so that my soul can heal itself. However, it is still a world of difference when one can experience you live. Your deep powerful voice, especially during the mantras, is out of this world, truly like heaven on earth! A feeling of bliss and unconditional love for your stage art comes over me. I hope from the bottom of my heart that I will be able to experience you like this for many more years and that your health will allow you to remain on stage for a long time to come!

"Dear Mr Someren! It is a great need for me to write to you. I was present at the concert in Vienna and felt the vibrations until the next morning. During the night I could not sleep and so I immersed myself once again in the sound experience. Once again I felt the vibration of the music, the message, what they told us about the soul and the deeply touching words about mum and dad where everyone found themselves again. As a child or as a parent themselves. I could also feel the audience, which was very restrained, until the moment when everyone stood and sang, "I feel love. " Yes, there it is again, what I also feel in my courses. The longing for simplicity. The expression of the soul in sound, singing and movement. The world is so saturated with rules, deadlines, technology, perfection that we don't even dare to be ourselves again. It needs courageous guidance so that the soul can unfold again. Thank you for encouraging us to be who we are again".

"Dear Lex van Someren, that was wonderful last night...Very different from a year ago. Not less deep and touching, no, somehow quieter, more intimate and with a quieter audience. Also you musicians were closer, I found and The sound very rich and round, also because of the acoustics in the church. It was so beautiful to witness the beauty of the music and the interplay and to be right in the middle of this vibration and to resonate. You are all wonderful musicians! Thank you everyone and especially you, Lex!"

"How do you describe something that actually seems to come from heaven, for which there are actually no words? I attended 5 concerts on this tour. My girlfriend asked if it wouldn't get boring to listen to the concert over and over again. I can only say, quite the opposite! The special thing about your music is that it seems to get better and better with every listen. Each time new dimensions, sensations and images open up - and each time a different song especially touches my heart. Goosebump moments, amazement and boundless joy... Every time ! I love this music so much that I seem to be able to listen to it endlessly."

"Dear Lex, I am so grateful that I was able to experience this concert again - even several times this year. It was a huge pleasure to experience you again together with Katie and your band. Each one of them is brilliant and makes the whole thing so effective. Katie with her wonderful, soul-touching voice and her stage presence (you both harmonise wonderfully with each other!), Nils with his energetic, rousing drum interludes, Frank, Johannes and Vache with their wonderful skills on the various instruments...The effect in the concerts on me is as if a stream of sounds, love, light and colours were flowing in on me at the same time - and it is no longer possible to distinguish between sounds, inner and outer light, colours and universal love. They merge into each other, meet in space and in the heart, make both wide and bright. It feels like a stream of light and incredibly great joy in which time no longer exists. For people who are open to it, these sounds simply flow into the soul and make it glow. For the soul knows them from another dimension. They open the heart wide and let light and joy flow in. It is a boundless joy that becomes so great that sometimes it is almost unbearable and tears come to the eyes because the heart simply overflows. They remind us of something that we cannot yet really grasp and yet is always there. It is something like an inkling of a memory of the place where we come from and the true reason for our being here. An inkling of what life on earth could be like if people would open their hearts to themselves and to each other.“

"I can feel how the concert hall is filled with love and light. A sacred, healing atmosphere is created. Chanting mantras together intensifies the whole thing, so that peace, the strong feeling of connection and gratitude are in the room. Universal love is no longer just a concept, but it is tangible and palpable for everyone in the room."

"The music: love made sound."

"After the concert, a couple walked in front of me singing "I feel so much love" to each other. Lex had said, "Let's go out on the street..." They actually take that joy and that glow out into the street. And they pass it on because they feel it. Feeling the joy of the people around me and seeing the glow in their eyes, in turn, added to my joy. Precious moments, because every concert is unique."

"I still believe that this music is so desperately needed right now at this time and will help heal the earth!"

"If art leads to bringing people into joy, into its power and into healing, then I think it has fulfilled the intention of the source from which it ultimately comes."

"Thank you Lex and all involved for your music, your soothing sound, your artistry and the many devoted projects Lex undertakes (he must have somehow managed to make his days longer than ours...)"

"The concert was soooo fabulous again, and the ending really brilliant, that song kept running after me for a very long time."

"I would like to thank you very much for this wonderful concert. It has once again helped me to heal. These vibrations are unique. I can't describe it, you have to have felt it yourself. I wish this experience to many people."

"Thank you for the WONDERFUL evening!!! the way the first time with my daughter, who is now also enthusiastic about your music ...and the "message" behind it - "love - so much love..."

"This year's concert was once again an absolute dream and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the unique experience to refuel and recharge my heart and soul with the almost divine sounds - like a "manna from heaven". I can hardly find words to describe my feeling for this "Nourishment of the Soul.

"The music is absolutely touching, it opens doors in my soul, so that I stand in front of the screen during some songs, close my eyes and simply cry, because it feels like the flight home of my soul into a higher sphere. And because I feel this way, I would like to share it with other people and please order 8 x DVD "Concert Dresden 2017".

"The concert touched me deeply and fulfilled me like I haven't been in a long time! I haven't had the opportunity to attend one of the concerts for a long time. Well, this final concert has touched me so much .... and the voices of the new singer and you together... just mega hammer beautiful."

"Dear Lex, the beautiful evening with you, I sat directly in front of you and could experience you very close with your wonderful voice and intuition, I am still very touched by it......, the silence........, the space......, the energy money........ which arose so wonderfully and was filled by you so beautifully with "gifts", the singing, the togetherness, the drumming, wow "Namaste" the mantra singing........, this is my most beautiful Christmas present...., I am so grateful for "taking".  Thank you for being there and creating this so wonderfully with your fellow participants, with so much joy, feeling the power of your love in you....... so emotionally, you accompanied me a bit of my journey and provided your skills and I came back to my centre with a desire for lasting change, I am experimental and spiritual. THANK YOU, THANK YOU"

"Good morning Lex, A heartfelt thank you to you and your musicians and helpers for the wonderful concert in Basel. The final song, much love, feel love, sung with ease and your enchanting smile was divine. A beautiful end to the 2018 concert."

"Thank you very much for the wonderful concert I experienced with my wife in Bremen. It was a great experience. I'm still reeling from it now."

"Dear Lex, I would like to thank you very much for this year's wonderful concert in Berlin and hope that, in addition to your excellent team, Katie will accompany you for a long time to come. You fit together so incredibly well and reach your audience so deeply in their hearts. I'm sure many people felt the same way on your tour, I really felt personally addressed and richly gifted. This concert is like a declaration of love. How nice that we could all sing the last track together."

"Das Konzert in Zürich war wieder wunderbar, ganz herzlichen Dank, dass ihr uns in Zürich mit eurem Konzert ehrt, es ist ein waren Geschenk!"

"I would like to say "thank you" once again for beautiful music, great newsletters and a dreamlike DVD that I would like to recommend to everyone. The music is already heart-opening, the DVD brings the music, the feelings and the love into the living room. A small/great substitute for people who don't have the opportunity to go to a concert!!!"

"A wonderful evening comes to an end for me (Cologne). The music of Lex and his wonderful musicians is and remains my soul food."

"Your band. These people are vibrating the same with you. It is not that you are you and they are they. No, this is just a stage name for the material world, Lex & The Band. You all are a UNITY, ONENESS. Because they are in the same story, they vibrate the same with you. I really want to tell you that my husband and I felt the ENORMOUS amount of work that you and your team put in the concerts and how undervalued this is. The value of one ticket is far from the real value that goes in, the energies are very under-balanced...."

"Dear Lex, we have known each other for almost 7 years now. The first time I was on stage in Baden Baden during your big tour "Traumreise für die Seele" (Dream Journey for the Soul) was in the clown part. I was the little girl who immediately put the chair back together during the folding chair scene. Since then we have seen each other almost every year and your music has and will shape me all my life."


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