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Lex van Someren

Tour 2015

with Band & Elisa
music for the new age

An extraordinary sound experience awaits the audience of the concerts also in 2015, where Lex van Someren takes his guests on a musical journey for heart and soul.

Anyone who has experienced a concert with Lex van Someren knows that this sound artist knows how to embody the dimension of the soul in his music and stage art. His singing acts like a poetic language of the heart, which touches the deeper sides of people.


"Lex and his musicians succeeded in immersing us in another world for the duration of the concert - a world full of love, full of peace, full of heart touch, connection and heart opening.... From the first note pure goosebumps.... an indescribable gift! "

Under the motto "As in Heaven", the Dutch sound and performance artist, who lives in Baden-Baden, together with his band, takes his guests on a musical journey for heart and soul into extraordinary worlds of sound.

Dreamlike music, mystical sound space experiences, mantra chants, Lex' soulful voice and silence combine to create a soothing and healing atmosphere that lingers long after the concert.

The concert's repertoire includes many of Lex van Someren's own compositions, sacred chants (mantras), and surprising improvisations - music that the musicians create together from the moment. With the sensitive
singing of his four-octave voice, the sound artist celebrates many pieces in his soul language.

The chants and the enchantingly arranged and set music transform the concert space into a vibrant and devotional space of silence, where one can unwind and recover physically and mentally from the tensions of everyday life.


The audience is invited to experience and enjoy the concert without applause.

A few impressions of the tour 2015

Lex van Someren
An artist who touches healing with his voice and his music.

Lex is an internationally known visionary stage artist with a powerful presence. His work is an expression of his vision and calling to open soul spaces with his unique stage art, music, concerts and seminars, inviting people of all ages and walks of life to a holistic inner experience.

In his music, many tonal and rhythmic elements from many eras and cultures flow together and combine to create powerful soul music. He has produced 35 CDs to date and published them in his own publishing house. Together with his musical partner Frank Steiner, almost all of the music has been composed and arranged by himself.

His CDs are popular all over the world because they move the listeners' hearts across all borders. Furthermore, he is the main performer and creative director of the musical stage artwork "Lex van Someren's TRAUMREISE", with which he toured internationally again in 2014.


The artists at the side of Lex van Someren

Frank Steiner jr.  Keyboard, trumpet, musical direction

As an arranger and co-composer, he has been Lex van Someren's congenial musical partner since 1994 and is thus the "longest-serving" member of the van Someren team. Through his sensitive way of shaping, complementing and arranging Lex' musical ideas, he contributes significantly to the high quality of the productions. His musical influence manifests itself in meanwhile 30 jointly produced albums.

Nils Tannert  Percussion, Marimba, O-Daiko Drum

A musician who constantly discovers new things with an alert ear and mind and integrates them into his own concept of percussion, music and movement. Since 2003 he has been a constant accompanist at Lex van Someren's concerts. Besides his sensitive and at the same time virtuosic musical accompaniment, he presents his own spectacular drum solos and improvises out of the moment with Lex and the other artists.
Johannes Hustedt  Flöte, Sopransaxophon

With his great musical virtuosity on a wide variety of flutes from all over the world, he is a true asset to the music of Lex & Freunde. In the classical music field, he teaches at the Karlsruhe University of Music and is a much sought-after soloist internationally with symphony orchestras and chamber music at renowned music festivals.

Vache Bagratuni  Cello

Since 1995, Vache Bagratuni can be heard on Lex van Someren's CDs and live on their joint concert tours. His extraordinary talent as a cellist is palpable with every stroke. Born and raised in Armenia, he honed his skills first in his homeland and later in Germany at various universities and in various master classes. He has been a member of the Stuttgart State Orchestra since 2000.

Elisa Allgeier  Tanz

With her strong charisma and graceful way of dancing she enriches the "Wie im Himmel" concerts in a most appealing way. In her own dance improvisations and choreographies she combines dance expressions of different cultures, giving aesthetic expression to the world-musical sounds of the concert. In her homeland, the Allgäu, she teaches various forms of dance and movement, including oriental dance as a specialty.

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