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Mantra Sing

with Lex van Someren
effective peace work in sound and song

11. Okt. 2024


Kulturzentrum Trudering, Wasserburger Landstr. 32, 81825 München

19 - 22 Uhr / 45,- €* / freie Platzwahl

*Finanzieller Ausgleich: 30% Rabatt für diejenigen, die wenig Geld haben

12. Okt. 2024


Kulturzentrum Wolfgang-Eychmüller-Haus, Hettstedter Platz 1, 89269 Vöhringen

19 - 22 Uhr / 45,- €* / freie Platzwahl

*Finanzieller Ausgleich: 30% Rabatt für diejenigen, die wenig Geld haben

26. Okt. 2024


Hotel Kaiserhof, Kaisersaal, Hauptstraße 62, 01454 Radeberg

19 - 22 Uhr / 45,- €* / freie Platzwahl

*Finanzieller Ausgleich: 30% Rabatt für diejenigen, die wenig Geld haben

Let your heart sing and sound - be what you sing !


Chanting mantras has a bridge-building function to bring forth a heart connection between all religions and spiritual orientations in the world. Chanting mantras is a sacred ritual to bring you into union with the beauty of the invisible divine source of all being. In every culture, mantras serve to worship the Sacred behind the mundane world. Mantras come to us as a service of the Divine to humanity, for people to come into their perfect (self) healing and union within.

Mantras direct the mind. Underlying spiritual aspects of meaning come into

consciousness, even if you don't understand the words. It happens through the deeper levels within you.

Each mantra leads you deeply to yourself and into the encounter with the Absolute, with the Divine within you. This requires a willingness to engage you on that level. Lex van Someren's extraordinary voice and music convey his intrinsic attitude of love, devotion to the divine, truth, faith and a trust of being divinely taken care of in all life situations.

Open yourself and receive! Receive and feel, this is truly you!



"Singing is the shortest way to God, it is the shortest way to grace,
the natural expression, the holiness living in each of us."

Let yourself be carried away by Lex's devotion, his inherent natural strength and the irresistible urge to bring a sacred music of the heart into the world. Sing for yourself the powerful, natural healing sounds that are instruments to transform the world. Praise in prayer to the source from which you are created.

Feel invited to experience the great joy inherent in the unifying power of these mantra concerts.

Receive in delightfulness the healing touching and light-filled vibrations of the higher dimensions, in the expression of the mantras. Meet yourself and that which holds you in your innermost being.

There will be a selection from Lex's many mantra CDs. With his spontaneous way of being he will invite us to our very own soul chant. By actively participating and singing the powerful mantras together, a high light-filled vibration can be created, which in turn leads to goosebumps moments for each individual, so that everyone goes home inspired and fulfilled at the end of the evening !


Experience reports from participants in the mantra singing darshans

"I have to thank you for the great gift that I receive every time I listen to your music. Daily, much of it has already become an earworm, it lifts me into the heaven of emotions and guides me through the day, even during my work as a nurse on shift. I feel blessed and connected to the human family, but above all to my spiritual origin. Everything is clear and easy: serving, forgiving, loving and above all the joy of living. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Mantra CDs
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