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Tour 2018

with Lex van Someren

"Lex and his musicians succeeded in immersing us in another world for the duration of the concert - a world full of love, full of peace, full of heart touch, connection and heart opening.... From the first note pure goosebumps.... an indescribable gift! "


A total work of art of color, light, sound, song and music that gets under your skin !

Magical music and stage art: elixir of life for heart and soul

Lex van Someren manages with his wonderful skills as a singer, stage artist, composer and dancer to take his visitors on a truly heavenly journey. His music touches the heart and the soul! Like no other, the sound artist Lex van Someren knows how to express his innermost thoughts, feelings and visions.

With the sensitive singing of his four-octave voice, the sound artist celebrates many pieces in his soul language - sounds and sounds without rational meaning. The chants and the enchantingly arranged and set music transform the concert space into a lively and devotional space of silence, where one can unwind and recover physically and mentally from the tensions of everyday life.
The audience is invited to experience and enjoy the concert without applause. "It is an important concern for me to lead my guests - if they wish to do so - into a deep, inner silence with our music and sounds, a silence full of vitality, strength and energy," explains Lex van Someren. "Those who enter into this quiet relaxation gain access to their inner powers for body, mind and soul."


Lex van Someren is an internationally known visionary stage artist with a strong presence. He is one of the pioneers of modern spiritual music. His work is an expression of his vision and calling to open soul spaces with his unique stage art, music, concerts and seminars, inviting people of all ages and walks of life to a holistic inner experience of love, grace and devotion.

Lex van Someren

An Artist who touches deeply

with his voice and his music


Born in the Netherlands, he has lived in Baden-Baden since 1997 and enchants his audiences in many European countries. On about 40 CDs and several DVDs, which he has produced together with his con-genial musical partner, Frank Steiner, and published in his own publishing house, he presents the enormous range of his artistic work as well as in the context of stage art, concerts and seminars. In his music, many tonal and rhythmic elements from many eras and cultures flow together and combine to create powerful soul music. His CDs are popular worldwide because they move the listener's heart across all borders.



"The musicians seem to merge with their instruments. That is the secret of their great art. This powerful music awakens deep longings and reminds us of dreams. Therefore, these sounds are very moving. The artists touch the soul sides with inexhaustible energy. This music is like warm light. It is like magic!"

Spherical music and sound space experiences with Lex van Someren & Band. The top-class musicians around the sound artist Lex van Someren master their instruments skillfully in the colorful light of the stage and create an unforgettable sound experience in the most creative way. Johannes Hustedt on the flute surprises almost every song with a different type of flute or the soprano saxophone. Cellist Vache Bagratuni often provides the singing counterpoint to the melody or the upper voice, while virtuoso percussionist Nils Tannert impresses on his huge arsenal of percussion and also comes into his own soloistically on the o-daiko and black drum with a lot of physical effort. Frank Steiner, who in addition to keyboard and trumpet playing is also the musical director of the group, lays a carpet of sound constantly shimmering in different colors as a foundation.

But the healing musical touches of the group around singer Lex van Someren do not stop there. The latter has a vocal range of four octaves. With his deep bass he wraps the listeners in a feel-good sound mantle or leads them with his head voice to undreamt-of mood heights. Together with his soul language - a melodic sequence of syllables - but also with mantras, or with a Hail Mary sung in Latin and German songs with deep-impacting lyrics that get under the skin, he opens up very special sound spaces in which there is also plenty of room for musical improvisations by the whole band.

The listeners can find an inner peace through the music and songs that just feels good. Already after a few songs this special spark jumps over to the majority of the visitors. Through their radiant, vibrant world of music, Lex van Someren and his artists convey a special message of peace that lingers long after the concert.



The musicians of the 2018 tour


Frank Steiner


Nils Tannert


Johannes Hustedt


Vache Bagratuni


Katie Okwuazu