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  Everything about mantras and mantra chanting you can find here!

Introduction by Lex van Someren

"Since I released my first CD (The Northern Light) in 1993, it has always been my focus to touch the listener's heart and soul with music and my soul singing, thus enabling deep spiritual experiences. My being and my essence are imbued with a deeply mystical experience of consciousness. From my inner space of the soul, the music and the singing emerge. I have always felt that it is my task and calling in this life to touch and inspire a lot of people in our western cultural area, who are not yet on a spiritual path, with music and performance art that conveys a deep soulful and spiritual message, without being pushy and without coming across as too "spiritual" or "esoteric". That is why I mostly use musical elements, instruments and sounds that are easily accessible to people in western culture. In addition, I prefer a high musical quality standard. For me, the highest level of consciousness towards perfection in music is the path of attention to  and the love for detail.
I am focussed on divine love made audible and visible in every detail.

When I was asked to compose a first mantra CD in 1999, it was quickly clear to me that I should create mantra music in just the sense described above - sacred chants that through their interesting musical arrangements can be understood, accepted and sung along by a broad, non-spiritually oriented audience.



This is how the first mantra CD "AUM" came into being. In the meantime, together with my musical partner, Frank Steiner, I have produced and published 14 mantra CDs. I feel very connected with many singers who are on the road with mantras, kirtans and bhajans worldwide, although in these concerts and mantra interpretations there is in most cases a clear difference in the musical design as well as the arrangements, as described in the continuation of this article. However, the essence, focus and dedication are the same: to create music, chants and concerts that invite people of all ages and walks of life to a holistic inner experience of love, grace and devotion."

The connection of traditional and European mantra music
with Lex van Someren
- by Bohdan Shved and Dr. Sonja Stanger

The secrets of primal sounds and mystical energies
A detailed explanation about mantras

Mantras remind us of our soul's original intention and give our soul a focus amidst the distractions of the outer world. They have a vibration of empowerment, reminding our soul of its fundamental self, purity, prosperity and grace. And so mantras give us protection against low vibrations within and without.
Chanting (singing, reciting) creates specific thought (energy) patterns in the mind that are positive, calming and supportive. The consciousness is purified so that we can recognize our true self. The mantras also have a relaxing and/or energizing effect on the physical level (organs, cells). In addition, toxins can be eliminated or even neutralized, and they also have a relaxing effect on the nervous system. On the emotional level, the vibrations of the mantras ensure that anger, greed, hatred and jealousy are dissolved and love, joy and peace can take the freed space.
In Hinduism and Buddhism, the recitation of mantras is common during meditation and prayer, and in yoga also during exercise practice.


Mantra CDs
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