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about Lex

Lex - the singer and performance artist


Lex van Someren is a Dutch artist, who currently lives in the German town Baden-Baden. He is an internationally renowned visionary performance artist, musician, composer, teacher, dancer and clown. Lex is a virtuoso at expressing the dimensions of the soul through his art.

His work is a reflection of his vision and calling to use his unique performance art, his music, his concerts and his seminars to open a space for the soul and to invite people of all ages and from all walks of life, to join him for an integrated inner experience of love, devotion and grace. For many, Lex and his work are the ultimate expression of modern day spirituality as a direct experience.


His life path led Lex van Someren through the spiritual dimensions of music and sound. By continuously developing the magical powers of his beautiful singing voice and through the composition of his own music pieces, Lex discovered a unique way in which he could use music as a medium to awaken the soul.

Lex van Someren: „Like I try to express the dimensions of my soul within my art, I would like to encourage my audience to open the gates to their own creative inner source. Music, sounds and tones possess the power to activate and change energies and atmospheres. It is my intention to use music and song as a tool to unleash self-healing powers – which means, to restore the natural equilibrium in ourselves.“


Up to 2023, Lex and his con-genius musical partner Frank Steiner have composed, produced and distributed 48 CD’s under their own production label, AYAM Visionary Art Productions. His music has gained worldwide recognition amongst doctors, therapists, healers and (yoga)teachers for its deeply inspiring, healing and highly energetic vibrations.

Within his incomparable vocal range, sonic elements from many era’s and cultures merge. With gentle tones as well as strong vocal cords, Lex’s voice, which carries a range of four octaves, sings directly to the hearts of his listeners. He performs most of his songs in a melodic syllable flow that he calls the language of his soul, which allows a global interpretation. The warmth and delicacy of the highest and lowest ranges of his voice and his melodic whistling, embedded in the beautiful sounds of sensitive instrumental arrangements, transcend the deepest part of his listener’s hearts.

Lex also sings a wide array of mantras. Mantras are sacred vocal expressions that originate from various cultures and religions, with a simple repetitive text that reminds us of the divine source within ourselves. Singing mantras is a widely practiced means of meditation throughout the world.

Image by Zoltan Tasi


Lex the seminar leader

Lex van Someren, is a spiritual teacher who has been accompanying people on their inner path in his seminars for 35 years. With great clarity and attentiveness he leads people to the essence of their soul.

In the discussion rounds, healing rituals, meditations and active seminar work, a living space of silence is created, from where he addresses and explores the essential personal life issues with each individual, so that an individual path of healing and transformation crystallizes for everyone.

The inner work with Lex van Someren shows you how to fully engage with yourself and you experience how even from desperate situations gates open and you find deep meaning and fulfillment in your life. It is his concern to lead you into your inner and outer independence and freedom.

On his way of life Lex discovered the interaction of inner consciousness work and performing, artistic expression in music. He recognizes in it not only a healing and transforming power, but also a path of deep mystical experience and powerful aliveness, which flow through him in his art and in his seminars. This has developed into his profound seminars "Essence of the Soul", with a new dimension of consciousness expansion and awakening through healing rituals, music, song, movement, dance, humor and stage art, through which people are led to the source of their own being.

His sense of humor combined with his unique abilities to capture and seize the moment, and deep, loving respect for the uniqueness of each individual, allow the seminars to become a space of growth and healing whose effects reverberate far beyond the day of the gathering.


Lex van Someren as Autor

The book "Multi-Dimensional Sacred Art" by Lex van Someren


It was published in 2002. As it has been sold out for many years, Lex would like to make the book available for all to read now (2023) because he believes it is more relevant than ever, in terms of "a new (higher) consciousness for the arts on the New Earth."

Foreword by Lex:
Many thoughts, observations and experiences in relation to my work as an artist matured in me in the years between 1980 - 2001 until a certain clarity crystallised for my own path in art, as a musician and stage artist. The urge to write all this off my chest then grew and grew. I sensed that this writing down would be an important unfolding moment for me and my visions.
Although I am not really a writing person, I was very inspired to dedicate myself to this work and am happy that I was finally able to write everything out of myself. I am aware that this is not a complete book. That was not my intention either. I was specifically interested in presenting the visions of sacred art as I received them, so that I could share them with those around me.


It is a matter close to my heart to formulate food for thought about how we deal with art and with the word "art" in our present and future society. I hope that my words and the many quotes from others that I have used in the process will lead to more clarity and awareness, and to thinking more deeply about art in our time and for the future (for our children!). From that point of view, this book is meant as a stimulus for discussion.

I want to present a concrete vision for the arts and foreshadow how and why the new artists will be the healers and shamans of the 21st century, not only through their art but also through the high vibration of their presence.


The Clown

Lex van Someren as a Mystic Clown

From 1980 to 1997 Lex van Someren was on the road throughout Europe with his stage performances as a theater clown. The first 10 years he mainly delighted children and young people with his extraordinary and heartwarming art of clowning. Since 1990 he has specialized in clown theater for adults of all ages!

He has passed on his experience as a clown in well over 2000 performances to many people in his international seminars and professional trainings "TAO of the Clown". Since 1997 Lex has been concentrating on his music and concerts and only occasionally presents his clowning skills in various concerts and in the large stage artwork "Lex van Someren's Traumreise", with which he toured internationally from 2007 to 2014.


In a natural way Lex presents clowning as a sacred and healing art form, where silence and "nothingness" (emptiness) become the source of inspiration for spontaneous improvisations on stage.


Nurtured by his sense of the oneness of things, this clown returns again and again to the simplicity of being.


With ease he plays with the perception of the everyday and the human soul. He makes the new familiar and the familiar new. His humor, his inspiration, his life experience have made him a wise fool, who in his openness is a mirror for the world around him. With great passion and respect, Lex van Someren as a clown involves his audience as his fellow performers.

Statements from two notable fellow artists about this clown:

- "This reminds me of Chekov - so delicate and centered. It shows an inner vitality that is out of this world. This is truly sacred theater." - Paula Morel, ballet dancer -.

- "It is pure poetry. This clown is a 'child of paradise' and we all long to be taken back to that happy land. His magic touches the hardest heart."-Kathleen Raine, poet.

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