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Tour 2017

with Lex van Someren

"Lex and his musicians succeeded in immersing us in another world for the duration of the concert - a world full of love, full of peace, full of heart touch, connection and heart opening.... From the first note pure goosebumps.... an indescribable gift! "


A total work of art of color, light, sound,
singing and music that gets under your skin !

Spherical music and sound space experiences with Lex van Someren & Band

The top-class musicians around the sound artist Lex van Someren master their instruments skillfully in the colorful light of the stage and create an unforgettable sound experience in the most creative way. Johannes Hustedt on the flute surprises almost every song with a different type of flute or the soprano saxophone. Cellist Vache Bagratuni often provides the singing counterpoint to the melody or the upper voice, while virtuoso percussionist Nils Tannert impresses on his extensive arsenal of percussion and also comes into his own soloistically on the o-daiko and black drum with a lot of physical effort. Frank Steiner, who in addition to keyboard and trumpet playing is also the group's musical director, lays a carpet of sound constantly shimmering in different colors as a foundation. Joining this now established core of musicians around Lex van Someren, this year will be vocalist Katie Okwuazu.

But the healing musical touches don't stop there. Singer Lex van Someren has a vocal range of four octaves. With his deep bass, he envelops listeners in a feel-good sonic mantle or takes them to unimagined mood heights with his head voice. Together with his soul language - a melodic sequence of syllables - but also with mantra texts in Sanskrit, or with a Hail Mary sung in Latin and German songs with deep-impacting lyrics that get under the skin, he opens up very special sound spaces in which there is also plenty of room for musical improvisations by the whole band. 
The listeners can find through the music and songs, despite a more than hectic time, an inner peace that just feels good. Already after a few songs this special spark jumps over to the majority of the visitors. You can literally feel the contagious warmth of the heart flowing through the hall and that makes the evening a special celebration.

A few impressions of the tour 2017

Reactions to the 2017 tour so far:

- The concert was just AMAZING and a new voice was also there. Wow the singer Katie has a beautiful voice. Thank you for this great and unique music.

- I thought it was great !!! ... and the new voice !!!

- A wonderful evening that once again moved my two girlfriends, my husband and me to the core. Simply beautiful.

- It was an exhilarating, invigorating and lasting experience with gorgeous music, just wonderful.

- I was blown away by the feelings. It was beautiful and this music always touches my soul. For this, a big thank you to Lex and his fantastic musicians. The singer Katie has a voice like an angel.

- Thank you very much for the most wonderful concert I have ever been to. In Cologne you healed old stories in a loving way with your art with me and my company.

- Thank you for the magical evening! When experiencing your music, doors open in me, doors to potentials yet to live and to ways of being yet to be experienced. So a concert evening becomes a reminder of the possibilities of the soul and a vision of the future at the same time.

- A wonderful evening yesterday. What a gift. Unbelievable, so much great lived creativity of all artists. It is like coming home.

- It was a wonderful concert with great artists, an enchanting new voice -Katie-, an unbeatable Nils and a wonderful Lex.

- It was a DREAM!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful job!!!

- The concert was very impressive. The feeling and the energy from this concert still works days after.

- From the first note pure goosebumps.... an indescribable gift!!!!!

- Dear Lex, You succeeded in immersing us in another world for the duration of the concert - a world full of love, full of peace, full of bliss, full of heart touch and connection.

- Hardly ever before have I experienced a concert in which each artist is so authentic, pure, completely with himself and yet so connected with the audience... A great show without a show... - an invitation to the pure being and the true essence - THANK YOU!!!

The musicians of the 2018 tour


Frank Steiner


Nils Tannert


Johannes Hustedt


Vache Bagratuni


Katie Okwuazu

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