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- with Lex van Someren -

10 Days Intensiv-Retreat - Awakening in Being


Discover the paradise within you | Your true essence
The Power of Silence | The Living Presence

SEMINARS on Bali with Lex van Someren

ESSENCE OF THE SOUL - "Awakening - follow the wisdom of your heart"


Get involved with paradise for 10 days (or more)! On the untouched north side of Bali behind the holy mountains, in the middle of a tropical park directly by the sea, lies the lovingly designed Gaia-Oasis seminar centre, which nestles into a large palm grove with its 20 bungalows, seminar hall, restaurant and swimming pool. This is where our seminar takes place, which also includes nature and the sea with their beauties and forces, in order to let our very own essence emerge from us in movement, dance, sound, meditation and silence, to touch and unfold the heart space.

During the retreat there is enough time every day,

to enjoy nature and relax.


This 10-day retreat offers a unique opportunity to meet the silent power of the true source, the divine within you and to learn to hear and express the tender voice of the heart.
Through the healing power of nature on Bali, through the depth and openness in the seminar and through the paradise beauty of this place "Gaia Oasis" you will effortlessly enter into deep connection with the original nature of your being (your essence).
This place and this seminar offer an optimal opportunity to experience your body and body expression with all its abilities and limitations, as a gateway to the paradise within you - the complete unfolding of your soul potential in the here and now.

Do you want deep inner peace and connectedness with true life?
Do you want to live the essence of your soul?
Do you want to attain the mastery of life?


Du wirst eingeladen, innezuhalten, Altes abzuschliessen, in der Gegenwart anzukommen und dich neu auszurichten.

Du lernst dich auf eine sanfte Weise tiefer kennen und lieben.

Du findest heraus, was dich stärkt.

Lausche deinem Ruf und folge ihm.


If you want to become free and follow your true essence of the soul in a self-determined way, then you are welcome to a lively togetherness full of intensity, love and devotion to meet the original nature of your being.


Through a comprehensive work of self-acceptance and the grounding of your own bodily-soul life, the soul finds its place again in an open body and thus its creative self-expression in this life. When your body is given space, you come into contact with its surprising, pure aliveness and its knowledge of power - a path of self-empowerment.

Lex van Someren has been guiding people on their inner path in his seminars for over 40 years. With great clarity and attentiveness he leads people into presence - into truth. In this way, he invites you to look beyond what you are used to. He encourages everyone to realise their inherent potential - the essence of the soul - and to let go of their limited ideas of "I" in order to taste the freedom and timeless power of creation. In the sharing rounds, meditations and the active seminar work with free movement and sound, a living space of inner silence is created, from where he addresses and explores the essential personal life issues with each individual, so that an individual path of solution and transformation crystallises for everyone.

The seminars show you how to fully engage with yourself and you experience how doors open even out of desperate situations, so you can find deep meaning and fulfilment in your life.


It is Lex's concern to lead you into your inner and outer independence, self-souvereinity and freedom.


His sense of humour combined with his ability to grasp and seize the moment of NOW, and the deep, loving respect for the uniqueness of each individual, allow the seminars to be a space of growth and healing, the effects of which go far beyond the days of being together.


Lex uses mostly his own music and sometimes he also sings "live".

Are you ready to remember who you really are and what the true meaning of your life is?

Are you ready to FEEL WHOLE again?

Are you ready to go really deep inside of yourself, deeper than ever before?



This DVD provides an attractive insight into the individual work of Lex van Someren and shows exclusive interviews with participants about their experiences at the seminar. In beautiful images bathed in powerful colours, the viewer is introduced to the healing art of Lex van Someren. A highly recommendable documentary, for all those who value themselves.

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As part of the seminar, excursions into untouched nature are incorporated,

such as a sunrise encounter with dolphins

and a hike to a sacred waterfall.

Pleasure for body, mind and soul....
Discover this unique place on the idyllic north coast of Bali, away from the hectic tourist centres ... characterised by unspoilt nature. Immerse yourself in the originality of Balinese life, made a daily experience by the warmth and friendliness of the islanders. This oasis was created out of the need to create a serene place, where there is also room for silence and relaxation, meditation and wellness.
Directly by the sea, under large coconut palms, in exotic vegetation and in a family atmosphere, you can free yourself from all the constraints of your everyday life.

Bali is known as the island of the gods, the emerald island with 1,000 temples. Its sacred volcanoes are thrones of the gods, thrones of divine universal love consciousness. This tiny jewel in the Indian Ocean has the pure essence of the Goddess with a direct access to high spiritual levels (frequencies). She is like a great "womb" of all feminine principles - full of fertile creative energy, beauty and abundance. She leads us into our heart.


Report by Lex from Bali Summer 2019:

"It is just the eighth day of the 10-day intensive retreat "Essence of the Soul" with 30 highly motivated participants. It is always very touching and a joy for me to see how much lasting transformation can happen in people when one opens oneself in surrender to one's self-healing powers and one is willing to face many old behaviour patterns, control mechanisms, pains and fears in order to then say goodbye to them in full awareness and let them go. It is a path of self-acceptance and self-love that releases so much vitality and joy of life within us. Tomorrow morning we will all go to the sacred waterfall to stand under the cold and powerful falling water, shout for joy and thus be "born again". It is a ritual that I have been doing here for 15 years with every group, as a kind of initiation into a whole new stage of life. On the last evening, the intensive inner work is concluded and crowned with a wonderful and inspiring performance by professional Balinese dancers, accompanied by a large gamelan orchestra. Afterwards, everyone can relax and enjoy for a few more days."


Testimonies from participants of the Bali Retreats:


"This seminar was the best gift I have ever given myself. I totally found myself again, I am at home in myself now. To be able to feel this feeling is so wonderful. Lex way of being with the participants is authentic. He meets people at eye level. I cried, mourned, danced, laughed and at the end I felt absolutely liberated. My environment at home noticed the change immediately. THANK YOU !"


“It gives strength to live a life of love. I now go into everyday life strengthened with a lot of love in my heart!”