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Mama Papa Text

Mama Papa Text - Introduction

Complete inner peace with our parents is the gate through which we must pass in order to attain peace, joy and fulfillment in our lives.

Only one is capable of bringing about peace: yourself.


There is no way around bowing down to our parents with deep humility and giving them the recognition to which they are entitled. This is a fundamental law of love for us human beings.


Only then can we receive the Blessing from our parents. We need the Blessing from our parents so that things in life can truly succeed, so that our heart can truly become free.


With this knowledge and in this devotion, I made the Mama Papa CD together with Frank and wrote the following text for it. I have been speaking this text in all my concerts for many years because I think it is so essential and so essential if we are serious about wanting world peace. 

Mama Papa Text

Mom, Dad,

I bow before you in infinite gratitude 

for the divine act of love, to give me life with everything that belongs to it. 

You have thus fulfilled your task as my parents.


I had wished for many things differently, but I can now recognize your love in the divine sense in everything and everything that was, 

your love in the divine sense and thank you for it - even if it sometimes hurt. 

It has made me grow into the person I am now.


Mom, Dad, I bow to your destiny, your life. 

I bow to you as your child. 

You are the big one and I am the little one. 

You give and I take and receive life. 

Through you and your forebodings, the divine life force flows to me and through me. 

Mama, Papa, to your honor I am making something of my life.


Mama, Papa, this song is sung and played for you 

and to the honor of all parents and grandparents of this world. 

We bow to the greatest gift of all: life ... which flows through you to us.


- Lex van Someren -

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