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Do you want deep inner peace and connection with true life?

Do you want to live the essence of your soul?

Do you want to attain the mastery of life?

If you want to become free and self-determined to follow the true essence of your soul, then you are welcome to a living together full of intensity, touch and devotion to meet the original naturalness of your being.

Through a comprehensive work of self-acceptance and the grounding of one's own physical-soul life, the soul finds its place again in an open body and thus its creative self-expression in this life. When your body gets space, you come into contact with its surprising, pure vitality and its knowledge of power.

Lex van Someren has been accompanying people on their inner path in his seminars for many years. With great clarity and attentiveness he leads people into presence - into truth. In this way he invites people to look behind the familiar. He encourages everyone to realize their inherent potential - the essence of the soul - and to say goodbye to their limited notions of "I" in order to taste the freedom and timeless power of creation. In the sharing and dialogue circles, meditations and the active seminar work with dance and sound, a dynamic space of silence is being opened up, from where he addresses and explores the essential personal themes with each individual, so that an individual path of self-healing, liberation and transformation is being crystalised for each individual.

The seminars will give you the opportunity to experience, how you can open up to profound dimensions inside of yourself and how you can find deeper meaning and fulfillment in your life. Lex is dedicated to lead you into your inner and outer independence and freedom.

You will be invited to pause, to leave the old behind, to be in the present and to find new clarity inside of yourself. You will learn to know and love yourself more deeply in a gentle way. You will find out what strengthens you. Listen to your inner calling and follow it.

The sense of humor combined with the ability to capture and use the energy of the moment, and the deep, loving respect for the uniqueness of each individual, make the seminars a space of growth and healing, the effects of which go far beyond the days of being together.

A lot of Lex's own music is used (sometimes he also sings "live").

Are you ready to remember who you really are and what the true meaning of your life is?

Are you ready to feel WHOLE again?

Are you ready to go really deep, deeper than ever before?

Lex van Someren

It is part of his calling and his lifelong spiritual path to inspire other people on their path of self-healing, self-love and self-realization. He has a gift to illuminate blockages, deeply hidden shadows and blind spots in the subconscious and to bring salvation with clear and loving support and guidance, so that the path is cleared for a sovereign and self-determined life in love, freedom and inner peace.

For over three decades Lex has been using his skills and talents to open the dimensions of the soul with his versatile abilities as a spiritual musician, singer, performance artist, composer, teacher and author. He has taken countless people on an inner journey to experience themselves as divine creative human beings.

Lex about his seminars:

"In my current seminars, I address the absolute essentials of life right from the start, namely the difference between a life in fear and a life in love. I invite people to meet themselves in their depth and not to be afraid to meet their deepest fears and downsides. Light and shadow sides are a central theme in my seminars - the discussion with them can release a lot of life force in us. Music and dance serve to ground oneself, to come into contact with oneself through sound and movement in the body. Traumatic memories, which many people have, but which were buried in early childhood and led to a feeling of separation, can be energetically processed and dissolved. Thus, in the course of a seminar, a deep transformation and healing is created, supported at the same time by the lightness of music and dancing".

Grounding within the body – Here and now

- Lex van Someren -

During my many years of working in seminars, I have noticed, how many people are not grounded within their body. It is only when we are grounded – which means, that we are consciously connecting our bodies (via the power of gravity) with the forces of mother earth – that we can open the gates to ...

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Feeling your feelings as a prerequisite for a true-to-our-nature, profound and self-determined life

- Lex van Someren -
For me, the central theme in a human life is to live in accordance with what we really wish for and not being afraid to pursue our dreams with vigour - in every moment of our being...

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